Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bagolie Quoted in Herald News Medical Malpractice Article

Bagolie Friedman Injury Lawyers founding partner Ricky Bagolie was recently interviewed by Betsy Querna of The Herald News for an article entiltled
When Medical Care Makes Things Worse.

Legal remedy

Many turn to the legal system for recourse, though it is often in vain. "If you see 100 cases, 99 turn out not to be something actionable or worth filing," says Ricky Bagolie, a malpractice lawyer who grew up in Clifton. "A bad result doesn't mean it was negligent or bad care."

Buchalla contacted a lawyer about filing a lawsuit for allegedly bad care. He was told nothing could be done because there was no proof of wrongdoing.

Santos Sanchez, 52, of Passaic, says he contacted several lawyers, but none would take his case. He was unhappy with a breast-reduction surgery earlier this year.

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