Monday, November 07, 2005

A Comment On New Jersey Workers' Compensation Claims

Regarding workers compensation aka workmans comp aka workmens comp in New Jersey: Since workers compensation cases, among the various types of disability claims, provide some of the most antagonistic and inhospitable situations for injured and sick workers in new jersey to endure, it is very important have suitable representation. Because, unfortunately, and all too often, the individual who became ill as a result of their work environment or was injured on the job, does not find relief from the workman's comp system. Quite the opposite, sick and/or injured workers find themselves in a undesirable position where it is them versus both their employer and the workers compensation carrier. Amazingly, many sick and injured workers pursue workmens comp claims without the benefit of attorney representation. Such a position is hardly unwise and for several reasons: a worker may end up losing their battle for workman's comp benefits or take a settlement that is clearly not in their best interest. For this reason, a new jersey worker who has become ill or injured because of an accident at work should seek qualified legal counsel before going ahead with a workmans comp claim.